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Hemorrhage remains one of the leading cause of preventable death after injury. As a direct consequence, strategies targeting hemorrhage control, both locally and systemically, are high priority research areas in mitigating this potential loss of life. Over the last decade, different approaches have attempted to address the systemic coagulation defects, seen in upward of a quarter of critically injured patients at admission.


The utility of optimized blood product ratios, specifically plasma and platelets, early on in the resuscitation of injured patients has been a primary focus and currently forms the foundation of contemporary resuscitation protocols.


Recently it was published that the effect of plasma transfusion on blood coagulation functions such as prothrombin time (PT) was not affected regardless of the number of units of Plasma transfused or the number of hours after plasma transfusion, plasma transfusion has almost no benefit on PT values. 

ClearPlasma™ is an innovative product made by Plas-Free.

It is an extracorporal device that modifies human plasma to improve its abilty to halt the bleeding and subsequently to give better treatment for patients with  massive bleeding.

ClearPlasma™ removes from the plasma designated for transfusion, proteins that are causing clot breakdown. By doing so, ClearPlasma is  enhancing the coagulation  properties of the plasma and may help stop the bleeding faster and subsequently enhance recovery.

Massive Bleeding is the Main Cause of Death Upon Injury

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